Dachshunds miniature wire haired


I was eagerly looking forward to the first litter sired by Finn, our new import, to Ch. Ballyboughal Petticoat Lane, "Jeannie".

Jeannie had the most bizarre pregnancy, sometimes I even doubted that she was pregnant at all. Came the due date, in May 2007 and nothing happened at all, though her temperature had dropped. Off to the vets where she was scanned, not good news - apparently 3 puppies but only one heartbeat. In for an emergency c-section and one live puppy but 3 placentas, the other two containing nothing at all.

Jeannie adored her baby but he wouldn't suckle and in the normal course of events he would have died. However, Ohce, as he was named (after Echo my beloved little "bed" dog whom I had lost to Cushings disease a month earlier) had a ferocious will to live. Between tubing him and forcing a teat into his mouth every hour and a half for three weeks he got up to 350 grammes.

He was born with an open fontanel, a bent tail, a badly twisted hind leg and very overshot jaw which explains the suckling problems.  Between one and two weeks of age I was advised to do the right thing and have him humanely put him to sleep.

I didn't dare take any early photos as it really was touch and go at times. Here he is with eyes open at 4 weeks old. Left eye opened at 3 and a half weeks, the second 5 days later (how weird is that?). The fontanel appears to be closing, his tail is straight and the hind legs good but no muscle tone.


At 10 weeks we started short "walks" around the lounge floor to strengthen his hind quarters.

11 weeks old


                    3 months old and the fontanel has finally closed                            6 months old, vet checked and declared healthy!

Apart from the overshot jaw and the fact that he is determined to be anorexic and is a mission to feed, Ohce is a real live wire ('scuse the pun)

 and is now cheerfully running around with all the other dachshunds, Faith is his special friend.


Ohce is here to stay. After Echo died I disposed of his bed and all his things, so Ohce has a new bed. He has such a personality and attitude all the drama now seems worthwhile. In Nov 2007 we had another litter by Finn, 5 fat, healthy little babies all doing well, so it does seem that Ohce is a "one-off".


       One year old, eats everything he is offered and up to normal weight!





8 months old, all dressed for the ADC's Christmas Ribbon Parade.

The love of our lives. With his dad during the day and in my bed at night!

Ohce will never see a show ring but he has given us such insight to the joy our puppy owners receive from their pets.

Christmas 2008 Auckland Dachshund Club fancy dress competition

On September 10th 2010 my husband of 47 years passed away. For a week Ohce was desolate and looked for his dad every morning, then went outside and howled so forlornly it would break your heart. I finally ended up letting him into Colin's bedroom to understand that he had gone forever and it was then that this little dog really stepped up to become my man.

Here is the last photo I have of Ohce with his dad ........

My darling little boy is 5 years old - where have the years gone?

The years have all gone. Towards the beginning of November 2012 Ohce was diagnosed with terminal renal failure and on the 27th I made the tough decision. I love him too much to let him go on like this and he died peacefully in my arms. My grateful thanks to Richard at Cambridge Veterinary Services who made his passing so gentle. These are the flowers the kind staff gave me as I left without my darling.

"A little angel, only lent"