Dachshunds : miniature wire haired.

From my puppy owners - unsolicited!! I have noticed that absolutely everyone is utterly convinced that THEY have the best dog in the whole world. Actually I have, all of them!


Hi Jane.
One year old today.
Hope you can read the card as its to all three of the little darlings & the cakes
Molly is still just the best little dog ever.

Hope you are keeping well & all the dogs Erin & Barra
As well.
Molly has now eaten her cake !
Best regards
Penny Ross & Molly.

12 months ago, Skye, Ernie and Mollie



Hi Jane.

Just to let you know.Molly slept all night without a sound! She used her paper during the night for a pee and took herself back to bed. Got up this morning about 6.45 went out side peed and pooped and then had breakfast. How good was that?
She is just delightful , follows us around like a little shadow.
Its difficult not to spoil her. Shes now asleep at my feet but if I try to move her to her crate shes awake and slides out again!
Hope you are feeling better this morning and maybe Twinkle is more in the mood.
Thanks again for our wee Molly and for all the good work youve put in to help her transition into her new home.
Well keep in touch and of course Ill always be watching your website for news etc:
Kind regards
Penny and Ross.



Hi Jane.

Here's Emmett and his son Eddie. They love playing together and every now and again have a sparring competition but Emmett puts his son in his place.lol.





Dear Jane 

We would love if you could consider us to become human parents, protectors and friends of a little pup from Twinkle and Barra. She is such a gorgeous girl, Twinkle... and Barra has that cheeky face I remember so well from the first time I saw Pancho.  

Keep well and let us know if you need anything. We would love to come and visit you one weekend, when you are not too busy. I think my husband would love to see the whole gang together - I will always remember what a cute vision that was. 

I am attaching two recent pictures of Pancho... with a costume Arran's sister got for him. He was in his role... 





Hi Jane,

 I hope you are well and Hope & Twinkle are happy little dogs like Awa.

On the weekend we went to the first Weiner Derby.

We mainly went to see & meet other dachshunds but to also run in the race. There were 24 mini dachshunds competing (well having fun) they ran 25 metres from one owner to the other. Awa won her first two heats no trouble at all but when it came to the final she didnt like the shouting and came 4th but once she saw me she was very happy.

The attached photo was take by the photographer that was there and I love it and I thought you that you might too. 

There were no other mini wire dachshunds there which we were hoping there would be but we did meet two standard wire hairs. 

We are off to Waiheke for the long weekend and we will probably move over for summer the first week of November to one of Awas many happy places.



Hi Jane. Such a hard life Harlow leads.  Just taken a moment ago.  I look forward to seeing you soon


 Love and hugs 







Dear Jane

 We check your website regularly, it is great to know that the big family are doing well and always sweet to see the beautiful puppies. 

We are madly in love with Pancho. He is good fun, quite a little character... and the most affectionate little friend. He spends a lot of time with me, is my little shadow. We are truly inseparable.

 I am sending you some nice recent pictures of him. The last one was only a couple of days ago. 

A big hug from all of us,

Take care









Hi Jane,

Awa loves Sunday mornings when she is allowed to have a sleep in with us, chewing on her favourite toys and going to the beach. A pretty good dogs life!

Awa hasn't become best friends with the cats but they certainly tolerate etc other and have an agreement on their zones.

She is such a joy and so many people stop us and ask about her and say how she delightful and well behaved she is.

We love her so much and we are so grateful that she is part of our family, thank you so much.



Just received this delightful photo from the owner of a puppy from my last litter

Hello Jane,
I wanted to send you the latest photos of the little munchkin. He is just so cute and precious. He makes me laugh every day and all day, and I have such fun with him. He is the delight of the neighbourhood and just loves meeting people. He has such a character already and just so full of mischief.  Thank you for letting me take him home as he is the delight of my life. I do hope you have a lovely Xmas and wishing you all the best in the New Year!!
Jennifer and Jax




Hi Jane,

I hope you are well.

I thought I would send you an update on Awa. She has had a lot of new experiences - a trip to Waiheke - she handled the car ferry like it was the easiest thing she had ever done, she is unconvinced about getting her paws wet - the photo on the beach is of her looking at the sea but I can't convince her to get any closer.

When we went to pack up I couldn't work out where she was I knew she was in the bedroom but she obviously thought she should pack herself in case we forgot her!

We are heading to New Plymouth to see my family and then Turangi to see Richards family at Christmas so she will get some road tripping in and she can try out black sand and the lake.

This morning we went down to the beach for a walk & play and as I was walking back with Awa a car stopped and a mother & daughter got out to meet Awa as they had been following us. They have a mini smooth so they were desperate to meet her, she just loves people.

Thank you so much for letting us have Awa she is such a joy.

Have a great Christmas.




  Hi Jane,

Meko is hard to photograph, it's easiest to catch her when she's a little
dreamy - hope you enjoy these.
She was micro-chipped today and weighed in at 2.5kg.
Everyone comments on what a happy pup Meko is, she just loves everything and
everyone. Phoebe and I took her to the beach for the first time yesterday,
she chased Phoebe into the lagoon and swam about just loving it.
Meko is amazing the way she uses the cat doors to do her business without
any training from me, she's a total joy, can't imagine life without her.




Dear Jane 

Harlow is having an afternoon nap so I thought Id jump online and write to you.

 Im going to start by saying that you have done a fabulous job of raising and nurturing your puppies.  This has made our job and transition of moving homes so easy.  For a puppy that has never met children or lots of strangers she is not afraid or timid and her tail goes flat tack.  We have elderly neighbours on both sides of us.  I introduced Harlow to John and Margaret yesterday and for some reason she really loved Margaret so much that she did excitement wees on her shoes.  Im not sure whether Margaret look similar to you with the glasses and shortish hair if it was her voice that Harlow loved so much.  At least Monica got the same waggy tail but no excitement wees treatment.   

Harlow slept with us on our bed last night.  I tried to be strong and keep her next to us as she has done the last couple of nights but she was so happy to be watching tv on our bed and was snuggled right into Ralph so we just left her.  Anyway around 2.30 am she decided that Ralphs face needed washing and was licking him like crazy.  Luckily she not a 20kg heffer size dog.

 Big cuddles from all of us and big licks from Harlow as well. 

All my love Denise



Dear Jane,

congratulations on your new puppies !
Bruni is doing really well. She is incredibly friendly and has a very ballanced character. She enjoys running on the beach and although she is naturally a bit careful around bigger dogs she is curious and gets along with pretty much all other dogs.
Here are a few pictures:



She is also a real character and she sure does get enormous amounts of attention when she walks through Wellington city.

 But we also like watching your webpage and it's great that you are carrying on with the lovely dogs.  

Kind regards

Pia, Alex, Julia and Paul


Dear Jane
With great sadness to tell you that our treasure dog has gone.. 
She got another three  months  quality life on the best medications available  and then it was time to go.

One of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

She was so special to both family and my friends  and  my sorrow is shared by those that came  to love her...        
Delly is very affectionate  and a great comfort to have  and Dee says she is now "our "dog.
Thank you for the thirteen years of  fun and love that Tre gave us.
Now I have her portrait and precious memories.
She was so much a part of my life that it is hard to come to terms with sense of loss.
As Rudyard Kipling said  "Brothers and sisters I bid you beware
                                               Of giving your heart to a dog to tear."



                                                                           Ch. Wyrdax  Rose of Traleigh

                                                                         15.3.1996 - 24.1. 2011


Hi Jane
This is just a quick email to let you know how Brandy is doing. She settled in really quickly and has been an absolute delight. Not so sure the cat will agree as Brandy has been chasing him all over the house.
Your method of her sleeping in her carrier is proving really good and she goes to sleep at about 9.30pm and only starts letting us know she is awake just before 7.00am. So she is in her routine and although she has her accidents inside every now and then has been really good about going outside for toilet training - even in the rain!
She has been for a part walk/ part carry on the beach and was quite happy socialising with smaller dogs.
So all in all we are so thrilled with our puppy and the girls think she is really bright, although mischievous is probably more accurate.
Thanks again and kind regards



Hi Jane,
We all just LOVE Declan! He is such a lovely little boy who is always on the go and ready for play. Right now his favourite game would be chewing on our fingers and toes! He just loves going out to the garden, diving under the bushes and tunnels. Such a brave little boy! It's so hard to catch him when he's running about. I often wonder how he manages to run so fast despite his short little legs. We always enjoy a game of chase in the evenings and we would just run around in the garden chasing each other, and after that he would just tire out and go for a sleep in his little beanie bed. He is a smart little boy and has learnt to come on whistle (when he feels like it :) ) and sit and wait for his food. We really enjoy having him around the house. He is such a lovable clown who brightens our daily life! Here are some photos of his daily routine.



Hi Jane,
Having enjoyed our old haunts in Thailand in March, we have decided to
go back again to live and are off on the 2nd August.  Indie is coming with us and has his travel house
at the ready - we have had it for over a month.  We hope you and your
clan are okay and
would thank you so much for letting us have the light of our lives,
bless the little bugger!!!
With fond regards,
Mary, Peter and Indiana  xxxxx


Dear Jane

I have been meaning to write to you for a very long time, but our lives have been so busy!
Saying that we are happy with Pancho does not get to express what we truly feel. It goes beyond that. Our lives have changed so much - for good!
He is adorable. He is funny and clever and a true little clown. He makes us laugh so much with his cheeky adventures around the house... He is very, very affectionate, friendly with us and with everybody around us. He loves people, specially children, and loves playing. 
We have not had a single problem with him. He is so obedient, such a good boy! He likes to be around us all the time but at the same time is so independent... he understands routines and knows how to entertain himself when we are busy. I think he is getting to know us better that ourselves! 
The toilet training went very well, he now lets us know when he needs out, if the door is closed. We have had very few accidents, all of them related to excitement. The crate training went really well. He looks for his bone and goes to his bed when we make the move to go to bed ourselves. He is very clever, we have invented lots of different games and it is amazing to see how he learns them and tries to get you engaged to play with him. 
We have been taking him to obedience school, and although he has not picked up everything yet, he is pretty good. He is very sociable with other dogs. 
He has not barked much so far, although I think he is learning to do so these days... There is a certain tweeting noise that triggers it and fireworks do as well- although that is normal. And he barks to the vacuum cleaner and the postman, as expected.
I am happy with the vet. He is a good guy and a good professional. We got pet insurance, just in case. We thought that it was a wise thing to do, because you can never know.

I am sending you a small collection of pictures so that you can get to see how handsome he is growing. Some of them are from some time ago, but the one in the deck and the one with his little black coat are only from a couple of weekends ago... He is growing fast! And he has outgrown his coat, by the way! We have been to the beach a number of times, we love to take him there, and he enjoys it. 
He moves so fast it is difficult to get good pictures of him, but we are getting better.

In conclusion, I just cannot imagine not having Pancho around now. He is pure and simply the materialization of joy. We are so lucky to have this little pal in our lives. Thank you so much!

Kind regards, 





Hi Jane

Hope all is well with you and your large four legged family.  Dougal and his
family want to wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Bright New Year.

Dougal is the greatest little character full of fun and mischief, looks like
butter wouldn't melt in his mouth but I have lost a couple of pairs of shoes
to his little teeth.  He is so clever he can open the lounge bi-fold doors
the other two have never tried, have to tie the handles together so he can't
open the doors and make himself at home on the lounge suite (more nervous he
may decide to take to the leather).   I can't believe that we were so set on
a red wirehaired, this little man is taking over the house and loves
cuddling his dad on a Saturday morning on the bed. Funny the two boys seem
closer than the little girl and Dougal.    Hope you enjoy the photos.
Should the longer hair on his chest and legs be trimmed?  Anyway look
forward to your comments on how he looks and any grooming comments.  His
weight we are unsure of. He is slightly taller than Toddy (the old boy) but
he is trimmer than Toddy.

Kind Regards

Sue & Alastair



Dear Jane,
We hope you are doing well. 
Bruni is an absolute star. She is such a friendly little dog, incredible. Has easily conquered all our hearts. She is sleeping in her crate and announces when she has to go outside, doesn't work perfect but really much better than we thought. She likes driving around and also likes going to the beach. 
We had some friends visiting the other night and she enjoyed the company of all the people in the house. 
It seems that she is exploring more and more of her environment every day. 
We are very grateful for having her.


Hi Jane

We hope all is well with you.   Well, young Dougal was a year old on Friday so thought you might like an update on the lad.  As I type this email he is on my lap with his nose nearly on the keyboard, into computers is our lad.  Our family of with four legs have blended well as you will see from the photos.  Dougal is also very good with the grandchildren and they love him.  Dougal is about 5.6kgs, little brick really but not fat, he had to have some baby teeth taken out at about 7 months so had the little boys job done as well at the same time.   We are really delighted with him he is the clown of the family it no surprise to go outside and find him in one of the large flower pots or sitting on outdoor furniture or deciding to check out the top of the coffee table, not that he does this all the time he is learning the rules but must give things a try at least once.  Plenty of toys, bones and cuddles keep him occupied &  happy.  How are the little girls in Napier? They would be a bit finer that our lad wouldnt they.

 Kind Regards 

Sue Mac 

P.s.  No regrets in not getting a red wire haired - our boy is a cracker!!!!!



Dear Jane

Hope this email finds you well.
I thought that I would write to you and send you some recent pictures of Pancho, now that he is a year old.
He is so important to us... He is such a lovely little dog. So affectionate and funny. He reminds us of the good things in life all the time.
I so enjoy sharing every day with him - he is the best companion! He does everything with us, is very adventurous. We went out in the boat quite a lot of times at the end of summer and he would be very excited every time - lots of different smells! He gets really excited when it is time to wear the life jacket. He travels on my lap until the boat is moored and it is time to walk around. He can move very well around the boat, knows when we are ready to tack! 
Here are some pictures of him with his life jacket and on the boat and with his Christmas day formal outfit.
I love little Pancho so much.
Take care,



Dear Jane

Just visited your website to see how you and your little ones were doing as I do regularly and got to read about Ohce.
Just wanted to let you know how deeply sorry I am about your loss. I just cannot find words to express it because I can understand how important he was in your life. 

My lovely Pancho has given us so many things since that afternoon in August 2011 when we went to pick him up.
There is so much love about him. I remember telling you he is the materialization of joy, and he is, every single day. He brought so much comfort when we were so lost and sad.

I like to think that just like the people we loved and had to leave us they will always walk with us. 
Because every little factor in this universe counts in shaping who we are. The fact of getting to know them and sharing some of the time of our lives will influence forever who we are.
May Ohce always live in you. May all his love, all the shared happiness and the sweet moments you spend together stay with you forever.

I will remember him :) I will always remember his story of love. Somehow he walks with Pancho and me as well.

We want to send a hug, from all of us, and hope that you have a good Christmas with the rest of the big family.

Lots of love

Pilar, Pancho and family.

Merry Christmas 2013

Have a lovely day. Lady and Bo are enjoying Christmas dinner together. Thinking of you xxxxx